Barn Dance

It’s time to bust out your cowboy hat and dancing shoes. This Sunday we are meeting at the church at 5:00 for our barn dance. There will be chili and hot dogs, a hayride, and we are all going to become professional square dancers. I hope everyone is excited as I am and we hope to see everyone there.

One thing we do not read about in the Gospel letters are the fun times Jesus had with his disciples. I think it is safe to assume there were many, many times they sat around together, telling stories, and laughing together. Having a fun time in the Lord with brothers and sisters in Christ is one way to worship Him. I believe God is pleased when He sees His people enjoying each others company. We will worship Him on Sunday morning by singing, praying, and hearing the preaching of His Word; we will worship Him on Sunday night by gathering together and having a good time in the Lord. It will be in His Name that we play.