Lunch After Church

Hey all. We are having a lunch after church on Sunday and just wanted to make sure you remembered. One purpose of the lunch is that we always want to give our people a chance to be with each other and fellowship with one another. The second purpose of our lunch is to further advertise for our Sunday school. Each Sunday school class teacher will give a quick talk on what they are studying this fall and into the winter. The third purpose is that the addition is completed (at least the inside) and so we want to show it off. We are so excited God has provided all of this for us and we want to enjoy it even more with all of you.

We will have tacos for lunch. Because tacos have specific side items, we have a list of things that need to be provided. If you are able to bring something, please contact Brent to see what is still needed. You can call or text (812-455-6112) or send him an email (

Hope to see you all at church and the lunch after.