New City Catechism

Family Bible Church will be learning the New City Catechism throughout 2014. A catechism is a simple question and answer based method of teaching basic Christian doctrine, ethics, and worship that churches have used for hundreds of years. Many great catechisms have been written throughout Christian history. The New City Catechism incorporates material from the Westminster Shorter Catechism, Calvin’s Geneva Catechism, and especially the Heidelberg Catechism. The New City Catechism is 52 questions long allowing for families to learn one question and answer each week. There is a children’s version (in color) included in the longer answer to each question that will allow for families to customize their learning. There is a good introduction on using a catechism here.

You can access the web based New City Catechism here. Or, download the free app for iPad from the Apple iTunes store here. Both versions work the same way.

In addition, Family Bible Church will provide downloadable helps for a family devotional time on each catechism question here.

May God bless our efforts to know, love and obey him more fully this year.

Pastor Colin