Members Meeting this Sunday

Dear Family,

I am writing to remind you of our annual members business meeting at Family Bible Church this Sunday, November 12, immediately following our worship service. All members over 18 are encouraged to attend so that we may establish a quorum needed to conduct business. We will be hearing a few brief reports on the state of our ministry and presenting our 2024 budget for your approval. In addition, our elders will present Brent Griffin and Dan Grimm Jr. for your approval as candidates to join our team of elders. You are familiar with these men since Brent joined our staff as Associate Pastor in April and Dan previously served for six years as one of our founding elders. Brandon Robards and Keith Findley are rotating off our elder team after six years of faithful service. Please thank these men for their steady guidance and prayers on our behalf. Keith has agreed to continue serving as a deacon and will need to be confirmed to that office by your vote of approval. I hope you will join us to consider these important matters.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Colin