Church Lunch 7/28

There will be a church lunch Sunday 7/28 after the service. The main dish will be provided. Stay tuned for what exactly it will be. Everyone is responsible for bringing their own drinks. Last names A-M can bring desserts and L-Z a side. If the weather is nice, feel free to bring any outdoor games. We may make use of a beautiful day outside!

Family Bible Church Women’s Ministry Event for June

What:  An Educational and Service Project at Karamaopen to all women and their daughters

Date:  Wednesday, June 12th

Time:  6pm – 8pm

Location:  Karama, 6840 Logan Drive, Evansville (across from Lowe’s on Evansville’s eastside)

Join us as Kristine Cordts educates us on the ministry of Karama, telling us about the artisans who make the products and how Karama supports Young Life Africa.

We will finish the evening doing a service project for Karama; helping prepare some merchandise for sale and distribution. **

** You must be at least 8 years of age to assist with the service project.

Feel free to invite a guest!

A light dinner will be provided.  Please RSVP to Sarah Aiton (812-499-5131) by the evening of June 10. 

Poster Party!

Runners Camp is next week, and we are finishing all the little tasks that come along with hosting the event. We need 52 posters to be made for the devotions! After church this Sunday it would be a huge help if people could stay 20 extra minutes for a poster party to help make the posters. There will be a prototype poster that people can copy and plenty of markers to use. Age-group leaders can come or bring their posters home to make. See you Sunday!

Reminder! Women’s Event Tomorrow

Don’t forget, the women’s event for May will be tomorrow night. Anytime 6pm or later, the women (and any spouses) are welcome to gather at Farm 57 @ 3443 Kansas Road to grab dinner at the food trucks. I’ll be there. Please don’t leave me hanging men!


FBC Women’s Ministry Event for May

Date: 5/15 (next Wednesday)

Time: 6pm

Place: Farm 57 at 3443 Kansas Road

Join us at the Evansville Food Truck event with Pizza Revolution and other food trucks at the Farm 57 location. Bring your spouse for a date night or ladies just come and join others for a fun night out!

No need to RSVP – just show up when the time is right for you after 6pm.