Family Olympics Clarifications

Hey all,

Just wanted to clarify a couple things about the previous post about the Family Olympics that is happening this Sunday.

  1. We are meeting at the Findley’s house. They live at 6088 Schultz Road in Elberfeld. Make sure your GPS says Elberfeld when your heading that way.
  2. It looks like Sunday will be a hot day so we are hoping it will cool down by the 5:00 start time. Most of the games will be water games so that should help. Please dress accordingly as you will get at least a little wet. The Findley’s have also offered their pool for us to use so plan for that if you want to swim.
  3. I have already have a couple families tell me they are coming but do not plan to participate in the games. We want everyone to come, no matter if you’re playing or not.
  4. Just a reminder to let me know if you’re coming, whether you are participating in the games or not. It will help with our pizza order as well as planning our activities for the day. See the previous post for the ways to let us know.

Thanks again. I’m looking forward to it.