The Gospel Coalition Conference

The Gospel Coalition 2021 conference is hosted in Indianapolis from April 12-14. It is a conference held every other year in which attendees learn from well-known and respected evangelical pastors and teachers from across the country. There is an option to attend the conference in-person or watch virtually.

Colin and I (John) have not been to the conference before but have heard wonderful things about it and strongly support anyone from our congregation in taking advantage of the speakers’ sound teaching. This year, the theme is “Jesus Is Greater” as the keynote speakers teach through passages in Hebrews. Along with listening to the speakers live, all registrants receive a set of Christian books for further reading.

This is a post to gauge interest in the conference. If there are people who would like to either attend the conference in Indianapolis or watch together online, then we will get a group together. Colin and John do not plan on attending the conference in-person. Please text John at (812)-550-4077 if you are interested.

If you are interested in the conference then you have three options.

  1. Attend the conference in-person
  2. Attend the conference virtually
  3. Do not attend but watch the videos of the speakers for free online after the conference ends (will not receive books)

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page to answer any questions.