FBC Trivia Night

Join us Sunday from 5-7pm at Family Bible Church for a thrilling night of trivia.
FBC will provide main course. Please bring a side dish and a desert to share with all….. and your own drinks.
Also, come prepared with knowledge on, but not limited to, the following:
The Bible…..all of it
Animals….. every one
US History…. Since the beginning
TV Shows…..only the good ones
US Cities…..the best ones
Statistical Thermodynamics….easy as pie
Neurobiology….brain stuff
Ok. Go study….
See you Sunday
Matt Lovell

Missionary Breakfast 9:30 am

There will be no Sunday school at church this Sunday, because we will have a missionary breakfast. It will be a full-on breakfast (not Continental), and we’re relying on families bringing dishes. If you plan on bringing a dish, contact Brenda Kerr. At 9:30, we will eat breakfast and pray for each of the missionaries we support as a church. Hope to see you there!

Update to Spring Calendar

There has been an revision made to the next few weeks of the Spring Calendar concerning Youth Groups. If you are not involved with the youth groups then the old calendar should still be fine for you. Youth Group for middle and high school will be on for this upcoming Sunday (1/27) but not the next. Have a great day!

fbc spring calendar

Spring Church Calendar

Here is the FBC Spring calendar:

fbc spring calendar

There will be printed copies at church this upcoming Sunday. Just wanted to give people the opportunity to save it electronically as well. The dates for the summer middle and high school retreats are not absolutely set in stone. If you would like to go and have a scheduling conflict, contact John Grimm (John.grimm2@gmail.com) ASAP. We are hoping to get those dates finalized, because there are a lot of different summer plans across the families.

Have a great week!