Walk Thru the Bible ntLIVE coming November 10

We are excited for a special event coming this Fall! A few years ago, we hosted Walk Thru the Old Testament, and we learned the entire story of the Old Testament through hand motions and stories. Now, we will continue the hand motions to help us learn and remember the New Testament. Click on the image below for more information about the event.

ntLIVE Logo (large)

Step into the story…

Many Christians know stories about Jesus and are familiar with many of the events and people surrounding his life and ministry. But they are unfamiliar with the grand story into which all those individual stories fit: God uniquely prepared an unlikely, ragtag group—a political activist, some fishermen, and even a tax collector—to take the message of Jesus to all people. Walk Thru the Bible’s ntLIVE event will help you step into the story, learn the story and equip you to effectively share it with others. By the end of this powerful interactive live event, you will learn 40 key people, places and events of the New Testament—without taking a single note. And you will have fun doing it!

Sunday, November 10, 9:30 AM—3:30 PM.
The first session of the ntLIVE event will take place during our Sunday morning church service. Then lunch will be provided at the church, after which we will continue our instruction which will wrap up by 3:30.

Cost: $10 per person, $50 maximum cost per family. Registration fee can be paid at Family Bible Church at any Sunday service prior to the event, or on November 10. All participants will receive a guidebook. Children elementary age and up are encouraged to participate.

How to register: Let us know you are coming (and how many in your party) on our contact us page in the “prayer request or other message” box. Childcare will be provided for kids under elementary age. Please let us know your childcare needs as well.