Runner’s Camp Advertising


Dear Family,

We have begun receiving camper and volunteer registrations for the Runner’s Camp. I think the response has been positive when I consider the following: 1) Every place we have distributed print materials advertising the camp has produced registrations. 2) Nearly all of our camper registrations (now in double digits) have been from people outside Family Bible Church. Which means 3) our own church families still need to register, which will boost our enrollment. On the whole, people seem genuinely curious and interested when I have handed them a card about Runner’s Camp.

There is an enormous amount of work yet to be done, and preparations are beginning to fall into place, but job 1 for us right now is advertising. Here are some specific ways that everyone can help with this:

  • Forward the email post I sent out earlier this week to people you know with a personal invitation from you.
  • Pick up a supply of Runner’s Camp business cards and 5×7 cards at church tomorrow to pass out at ball parks, at the office, while shopping, or wherever you go. The business cards are great for keeping in your pocket or purse to give away (I have discovered that my wife is better at this than I am).
  • Our Runner’s Camp door hangers arrived yesterday. Pick up a supply to hang in your neighborhood, or partner with other families to cover larger neighborhoods nearby. Get on Google Earth or Google Maps and count the homes in your neighborhood or one nearby. I will have bundles of hangers in 50s and 100s to supply what you need. I will also have a sign up sheet to make sure we cover the neighborhoods closest to FBC along Old State Road between Peck Rd. and Scott Elementary School, but beyond that I trust you guys to cover your own neighborhoods. This needs to be done this Sunday and/or Monday if possible.
  • Register yourself and your kids as volunteers or campers at While I have spoken with some of you about specialized roles that you can serve in at camp (and I am likely to remember those), I would rather not rely on my memory to know the roles in which all of you plan to serve. It helps our planning a great deal to have our volunteers recorded. By the way, this includes our junior high and high school students, most of whom will be helping John Grimm run the games station, or assisting our Age Group Leaders (camp counselors), but they need to register as well.

Above all, please pray that people will sign up to join us at the first ever Runner’s Camp in Evansville. I know some of you are not the slightest bit interested in running, but this is going to be fun. The kids will love it and we get to share the gospel of Jesus Christ along the way. The very first lady I handed a card to immediately signed her kids up on her phone.

See you tomorrow,

Pastor Colin