Members Meeting on July 24

Dear Family,

If you have been at Family Bible Church over the last two weeks, you have heard that our elders have called a Members Meeting on July 24th immediately following our worship service. I am writing to inform you regarding what our meeting will be about.

Before the construction of our current facility, our elders and several of our members formed a building committee to develop a master plan for the construction of a building that will serve, not just our current needs, but future generations at Family Bible Church. God has graciously provided our current building as stage 1 of that plan, which has been fully paid for through your generous giving. Our building has been a great place for us to gather for worship, enjoy meals together and serve as a base for other FBC events and community gatherings. One of our current limitations has been classroom space for Sunday school. We have been doing the best we can to hold classes behind screen flex walls and in our conference room. But, as many of you can testify, this has been quite challenging as we knew it would be. We also have no permanent storage space which we now create with more screen flex walls.

To address these limitations, over the past year our elders have been working on a design for stage 2 of our master plan and have collected bids from several building contractors. We eventually selected Midwest Contracting as our preferred builder who, with the support of Morley Architects, Engineers, and Surveyors, has developed a floor plan and exterior design that we are pleased with and would like to share with you. It includes new nursery and classroom space, additional bathrooms, storage, additional offices and an expanded kitchen, coffee bar and cafe area that will serve our existing facility and future expansion to the south. We believe this design will serve our family well for many years to come.

According to our By-laws the approval of our members is required for the purchase, construction or sale of any church real estate. If you have completed our process of membership will you please pray for wisdom and come to our meeting on July 24th to seek the Lord’s will together as we present this project for your approval?

See you Sunday,

Pastor Colin