Worth Reading on Racial Conflict

Dear Family,

Like most of you I have been disturbed, concerned, saddened, confused (and a host of other adjectives) by the racial conflict engulfing our country following the death of George Floyd. To gain perspective I have tried to read widely from sources I know and trust, and from others I was less familiar with who would challenge my thinking on issues of race. While I am sure I have not read widely enough, it has become clear to me that I much to learn on these matters, which is why I have been hesitant to speak or write to you about them.

However one pastor and writer has been useful in helping me sift through the steadily expanding cloud of chaff to find the grain that informs careful and biblical thinking. I commend to you the series of articles that Pastor Kevin DeYoung is writing called Thinking Theologically about Racial TensionsThis link is to part 3 of a four part series. I suggest reading them first to last (though perhaps not all at once as there is a lot to digest). There are links to the previous posts in this article and you can subscribe to his blog to receive the fourth if you wish. May the Lord Jesus use them to expose sin in our own hearts so that we may be useful to him in bringing healing as he leads. Please pray with me that he will do so.

Pastor Colin