FBC Christmas Eve service

Dear Family,

Thank you for you patience in waiting for news on where our Christmas Eve service will be held. I am sorry to tell you that we will not be worshipping in our new building on Husky Way tomorrow. All of the critical work is being completed as I write, but we will not receive our final inspections and (if the Lord wills) our certificate of occupancy until early next week. We will meet for worship at Cambridge at 5:00 PM on Christmas Eve for our final worship service of 2016.

I suppose it is fitting that our first worship gathering on Husky Way will be on the first day of 2017 (again, if the Lord wills). I will confirm location and time once our building passes final inspections and we gain occupancy, hopefully by the middle of next week.

Last night the Kerr family observed our annual tradition of watching Frank Capra’s classic film, It’s A Wonderful Life. I was reminded again that sometimes our dismal view of life can be changed when we consider our circumstances from an alternate perspective. We could consider our having to wait (again) to get into our new building from the perspective of Simeon, who was “waiting for the consolation of Israel” (Luke 2:25). Many of God’s people have waited far longer than we have for blessings far greater than a new building. Or we could consider our disappointment about where we will worship on Christmas Eve from the perspective of Mary and Joseph who worshipped the new born King for the first time in accommodations far less comfortable than what the Lord has graciously provided us in Cambridge Golf Club. God has given us far more than we need and every blessing spiritual blessing in Christ. So let us be glad and declare with Tiny Tim, “God bless us every one!”

See you tomorrow,

Pastor Colin