Could use a hand Friday, 8/19…

Dear Family,

This Friday afternoon, 8/19 sometime between 3-5 PM a truck carrying our new chairs will arrive at our Husky Way property. They will be boxed in stacks of 12 chairs and will need to be taken off the truck, unwrapped and hand-trucked into the nursery of our building. The stacks are quite heavy and I could use some folks to help, especially with the unloading. I am not sure yet of a more specific arrival time for the truck and will not likely hear further until it is only a few hours out. I realize this is not a convenient time for most of you but if anyone is available to help I will be grateful. You can use the contact us page to let me know if you can come and then I can be sure to let you know a more specific time when I hear of one. Otherwise I will post again when I know what time the truck will arrive.

Thanks for your help,

Pastor Colin