Calendar Correction!

Dear Family,

Yesterday I posted about dinner and a meeting tonight at the home of Dan and Ellen Grimm concerning Christian education for our children. Unfortunately, I scheduled that meeting on top of our Middle School and High School gatherings which also meet tonight at 6 PM. Ordinarily our youth ministries meet every other week, but this week and last week we are meeting on back-to-back weekends to avoid Fall Break. Therefore, the meeting about children’s ministry will happen next Sunday evening, 10/11, at the Kerr’s house. We will eat dinner together at 6, followed by discussion.

Tonight, our Middle Schoolers will gather at the Lovells and our High Schoolers will meet at the Hansens. Both are 6-7:30 PM. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. If you need directions to either residence, please contact us.

Sorry for the confusion,

Pastor Colin