Regarding the Supreme Court’s decision

Dear Family,

Since we have heard the Supreme Court’s decision legalizing Gay Marriage in all 50 states I commend to you Pastor Kevin DeYoung’s blog post this morning. It provides a steadying reminder to which I would like to add the following:

This issue has always been about authority. Either we believe the Bible or we don’t. If we say that we do, we must allow the Bible to shape what we think about this and all other issues in which we find ourselves in the uncomfortable position of directly opposing the tide of public opinion.

Please let us retain our composure. This is no time for crying like Chicken Little “The sky is falling!”–the sky was already fallen like the rest of creation. The world into which the gospel was born and in which it flourished was already darker than ours is today. The decadent moral culture of the 1st century provided the stark contrast that made the gospel beautiful and the fertile soil of brokenness for it to take root. This could be the church’s finest hour but do not expect to be loved by the world.

See you tomorrow,

Pastor Colin