A Couple of Reminders

Dear Family,

Let me remind you that this Sunday, June 8 we will have some fun with a brief family competition using our New City Catechism questions–I have decided to focus on questions 1-10 for this time. It will be helpful for you to review these questions and answers with your family before Sunday to be prepared for the fun.

Also, as I mentioned last week I will be continuing our series on God’s Design for Marriage with a message this Sunday on God’s Design for Sex. I will do my best to handle this topic with prudence and discretion since our children will be with us, as always. I will say no more than the Bible says–but I will be preaching from the Song of Songs, which can be quite explicit at points, so I want to give you fair warning. Some of your kids may ask questions that might make you squirm a bit, others will most definitely not ask questions (my remaining sons at home fall in the latter category)! I will not be speaking to the mechanics of sex at all, but rather God’s intention in creating it. I don’t think you will regret your children hearing anything I am going to say, but if you are uncomfortable with them hearing anything at all about sex at the particular stage they are at, then parental discretion is advised.


Pastor Colin