Women of Faith Conference

Hi Ladies!!!

I know it seems crazy to be thinking about an event in NOVEMBER when it’s only June but we all know that a LOT can happen in six months and often life can fill up our calendar quickly if we don’t plan ahead. So…get out your calendars & plan on attending the Living the Faith conference @ CFC Friday November 2nd from 7-9pm and Saturday November 3rd from 9am-12:30pm. I have been a greeter/encourager at this conference for the last two years and it has been such a blast & a great ministry opportunity!

Family Bible Church is co-hosting this event along with about a dozen other churches helping to make this event happen. This year is especially neat because you can invite your friends who may not normally be interested in church functions because every woman, young or old, remembers Candace Cameron Bure from her childhood role in Full House. Praise & worship will be led by J.J. Heller (one of my personal favorites) and Broadway actress, Allison Allen, will bring the Bible to life on stage as well.

Tickets are only $30 if we buy them as a group and for every ten tickets we buy as a church we get one free ticket we can use to invite a friend who might normally not be able to attend!!! These tickets are $60 at the door so buying them fairly soon is encouraged. This event has been sold out two years in a row so let’s try to get our tickets & money together pretty soon to avoid missing out on such a fun event!!! I’ll put out a sign up sheet in the next couple weeks so we can get the ball rolling! Hope you all can make it!

Megan Danks