Directions to the Danks for MS Youth Group Tonight!

I waited until after 4:30 pm to send this just to tease Ken Hansen who claimed the north siders would have to leave by 3pm to make it here in time ūüôā

As a reminder High School group will be at the Kerrs, on 840 St Giles Ct 47725 from 6-7:30pm.

The Middle School group will be at the Danks House, on 8100 Azalea Dr. 47712 also from 6-7:30pm.

Directions: ¬†The easiest way to get there is to take Lloyd Expressway West and take a left on Schutte Rd as if you’d be going to the old entrance of USI. ¬†Take Schutte all the way to the T @ Broadway. ¬†Take a Right on Broadway. ¬†You will pass the USI softball fields and two main roads, Bayou Creek on left & Streugh Hendricks on right. The NEXT LEFT is Old Mt Vernon Rd and you’ll see a white sign that says “To West Franklin.” Take that left then the first quick left onto Schmuck Rd (No comments, Ken Hansen…) You will go down a hill and at the top of the hill is a pretty white farmhouse on your left, after that farmhouse is the Azalea Drive sign. ¬†Take a left onto Azalea Dr and another left at the “Danks” sign and go in between the two lakes to the top of the hill which is our house! ¬†Please call if you get lost at 812-575-9073. Can’t wait to see y’all! ¬†It’ll be worth the adventure!!!