New City Catechism–start this week!

Dear Family,

Family Bible Church will be learning the New City Catechism throughout 2014. It is 52 questions long, allowing for us to learn one question and answer each week. My goal is to have at least one family devotional time every week. I think that is a good and reasonable goal no matter how busy our family schedule may be. The Kerrs will be using this tool as a guide for our family devotional time and I hope you will join us in your family. It is short and can be customized for adults and children. To that end we have provided some resources to help your family–the catechism itself, which can be learned from a web page or an iPad or Android app, and a weekly family devotional help designed to help families with children.

If you get behind (as I’m sure the Kerrs will), I recommend just picking up where you left off (you can even track family progress with the iPad app) and catching up by doubling up some weeks. There is no law that says we must finish in 52 weeks though I think it is a good goal to do so.

I believe God will bless our efforts know, love, and obey him more fully through our devotional time as families in 2014.

Stay warm!

Pastor Colin