Yes, we are still planning to meet for worship tomorrow.

Dear Family,

For some of you, the subject line is all you need to know. For others who like more details or question the wisdom of this course, please read on! By all means be wise and careful in driving to church tomorrow. Most of the main roads appear to be clear, while neighborhood roads are generally packed snow—slick, but certainly passable with a front, or 4WD vehicle piloted by a careful driver. I trust you will use good judgment in driving from whereever you are–even if that means not driving at all! As I write at noon on Saturday, Hwy 41 is cleared. Having scouted north from my house to Cambridge, the only trouble I encountered was slick road conditions on Volkmann Rd. (the drive from 41 to the entrance of Cambridge). The main drive in Cambridge is packed snow. The clubhouse drive and lower lot have been plowed—I think we are fine to park in the lower lot this week since the golf forecast looks rather glum.

As the sleet and snow fell yesterday I began thinking about whether or not we should cancel our service tomorrow. I currently see no reason to cancel but I would like to offer a few pastoral observations that came to my mind.

Whatever hardships we endure in getting together will make the memories of our children more legendary if we approach these opportunities with the proper spirit. Pastor Bill Hybels recalls his father getting up before dawn on Sundays to plow the drive after lake effect snow dumps in Michigan because, his father would say, “It’s the Lord’s Day.” And so it is.

Many of us have been out and about yesterday and today. If we are able to get out and drive to work, or shop for gifts and groceries, then we can likely make it to church. If we decide that attending church tomorrow is not worth the effort, then what does our decision say about what we truly value? Moreover, how would we explain that decision to believers in other parts of the world who endure far greater difficulty to gather with the church? They travel far, by foot in many places. They meet in secret, often at the risk of their very lives. Yet they meet and would not think of doing otherwise because of how much they value worshipping with their brothers and sisters in Christ.

Regard your difficulty in getting to church tomorrow as a sacrifice to offer our supremely worthy Lord. Remember king David, who would not offer anything that cost him nothing to the Lord as a sacrifice (2 Samuel 24:24). It will cost you something to get to worship tomorrow. You will have to get up earlier. You may have to wear an extra layer or two. You will have to drive slower. Yet even these minor inconveniences will add to the quality of our worship if we offer them with a cheerful heart as sacrifices to the Lord.

All that being said, I promise not to think less of you if you decide not to hazard the roads tomorrow and I trust you will not think less of me for not cancelling our worship service. If weather conditions deteriorate overnight to the point that a change of plans is required, I will post an update by 7AM tomorrow.

Stay warm,

Pastor Colin