Youth Group Christmas Party This Sunday Night!!!

Let’s Celebrate with a Christmas Party for youth group this Sunday night 6-7:30pm.


High School will meet at the Kerr’s (840 St. Giles Ct) and Middle School will be meeting at the Grayson’s (3019 Oak View Ct.).
We will be celebrating with a White Elephant Gift Exchange.  So please look around your house for something to wrap up.  It could be something of great worth or that gift Aunt Bertha gave you last Christmas that you just haven’t seemed to find any uses for.  Whatever you bring, the crazier it is, the better!  I heard Pastor Kerr say he’d really like a Justin Bieber poster!!!  (Ha, ha!)  Just be sure to bring 1 wrapped gift for each person from your family that attends!


If anyone would like to provide some Christmas sweets, please email Kelly Lovell at

See You There!!!