Bible Memory Challenge

During the month of February we will be memorizing the 66 books of the Bible!  This will be a huge help during family devotionals!  No more scouring the table of contents when we’re looking up scripture references!  Many of us (parents included) don’t know our books of the bible, so for the next three weeks we will learn them together.  The first two weeks we’ll learn the books of the Old Testament.  The third week we’ll learn the New Testament books.  I’ll be handing out a CD at church with the song “The Books We Love the Best”.  This songs makes it easier and more fun to learn all the books quickly.  Practice together throughout the week and have fun!  Once we’ve mastered the song try saying them without singing.  If you’re not into the song, that’s ok too!  Once we’ve learned them all, we’ll have fun playing a game called “Sword Drills” with Pastor Colin in church!

“The sword of the Spirit is the word of God” (Ephesians 6:17)