News concerning our lease.

Dear Family,

I have some disappointing news concerning our impending move to the new facility 41 North Business Park. Yesterday, some of our elders, myself and the lessor met with the building commissioner at the facilty to clarify some questions we had over the lease agreement. He let us know that in order for our church to meet in that building a sprinkler system would have to be installed and a 4 in. water line to supply the sprinklers would also have to be run to the building. Both of these large expenses effectively put this facility out of contention for us since the owner would have to raise our rent significantly to offset costs. We explored with the commissioner and the lessor a number of options for how we could configure the building, but none that would get us around the need for a sprinkler system.

So what this means for us is that we will continue to meet at Cambridge for the foreseeable future with the exception of special occassions on which we will make arrangements to meet elsewhere–we may have more than one of these coming soon with the need for a baptism service and a suitable facility for our Christmas pageant/service approaching.

Those of you who have purchased things for our move may either take them back for a refund, or we can store a box of stuff to be used whenever we do fine a more permanent facility. If you have already turned things in to us and would like to take it back, feel free to let us know.

If you picked up a thank you card to send to Ray Wright it is still appropriate for us to express our gratitude even if we are not leaving so please go ahead and write him a note. No need to address it, just bring it on Sunday and we will deliver them together to our Cambridge Liaison–you might want to leave out anything like “sorry to be leaving your facility” though! We have purchased some gifts to express our gratitude to Cambridge and Beverly, our excellent cookie baker and will present them this holiday season.

Men, we will continue meeting at the Clarion Inn at 6 AM Thursdays, including this Thursday, but not next–it is Thanksgiving.

Please be in prayer and continue helping us explore options for a suitable longer-term facility. I am grateful for the process even if it did not turn out like we had hoped. It is important to keep our disappointment in perspective. Many churches do not have a facility to meet in any where near as comfortable or beautiful as where we meet each week. And many believers around the world meet for worship every week despite significant risks. Who knows what God has intended by His good hand of providence with this turn of events? Perhaps He has more to teach us about contentment, about where our true home lies, and about the sweetness of being included together in His household. As the saying goes, “Home is where the heart is.” My heart is with all of you and I am home whereever we are together.

God is good, all the time.

Pastor Colin