Important Meeting This Sunday!

Dear Family,

A few weeks ago Dan Grimm gave an update on our investigation into finding a “next step” meeting location for Family Bible Church. He mentioned that our elders and some of our members checked out an option to lease a facility in a business complex just south of Bob’s Gym off of highway 41. We had good discussion after viewing the property. It seemed (to me anyway) that most of the questions we discussed were not about whether or not the facility would be sufficient for our needs at this stage, but whether or not our budget would afford it.

Our elders prayed about that lease option for a few weeks. We discussed whether or not the space had potential to advance the ministry of Family Bible Church in specific ways that address our core values. We realized that the lease would stretch our budget, but not so far that we did not consider the possibility that God may want to stretch us to trust Him to provide a bit more resources.

In the end, while we could see many advantages of this space, it just seemed a bit out of our reach financially. Therefore we contacted the owner and told her that the lease was beyond what we could afford right now. Last Saturday she contacted Dan and asked him to make an offer that we believe is within our budget. We made her an offer that would not require any changes to our current budget and she has accepted our offer for a one year contract after which, if we wish to stay, the contract could be renewed with a reasonable annual increase in rent over the next two years. The owner is a believer who is known to us and has rented the space to a church before.

The elders believe this is now an option worth presenting to our members for consideration. Since a decision like this takes time, and the option will not be available indefinitely, we need to move fast now so that we can take sufficient time to pray about the opportunity after viewing the property. We have set up an opportunity for everyone at Family Bible Church (including non-members) to view the property and ask questions this Sunday, October 14, after church, 11:00 A.M. at 8401 N. Kentucky Ave. It is in the 41 North Business Park complex behind Bob’s Gym. More specifically, it is between Budget Rent-A-Car and Medical Staffing Solutions at the above address. A map is available here. After viewing the property we would like all of you to take a week to pray about the decision. Then we will hold a Family Bible Church members meeting at the facility once again on Sunday, October 21 at 11:00 AM so that the decision can be brought to a vote. This second meeting will be for Family Bible Church members only.

For the sake of clarity, we will continue to hold our worship services at Cambridge until further notice, including these next two weeks. Cambridge has been a great place for us to meet and we have the option to continue meeting there as long as we like. They have been very gracious hosts and we are grateful.

I hope to see you all at our bonfire and hayride this Saturday (more detail here), I hope to see you all in church at Cambridge Sunday morning, and I hope you will join us afterward to view the lease property.

Pray without ceasing,

Pastor Colin

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