Welcome New Members and Baptism August 12

Dear Family,

August 12 will be the next opportunity for those of you who wish to become members at Family Bible Church. If you would like to become a member at FBC, please let us know by using our “contact us” form. An elder will contact you and set up a time to discuss any questions you may have.

At Family Bible Church we believe that those seeking membership should first express their faith in Christ through baptism. Therefore, we will also hold a celebration of baptism on August 12 for any who have not been baptized since trusting Christ for salvation. If you would like to be baptized that day, please let us know by using the “contact us” form so we can help you make preparations.

The baptism and welcome of new members will take place at the home of Dan and Ellen Grimm 14241 Petersburg Rd. at 3 PM during our Family Olympics celebration. Anyone is welcome to attend.

See You Sunday,

Pastor Colin