Urgent Prayer Needs for Two of our Families

One exciting aspect of being a part of a larger family unit at Family Bible Church is welcoming new additions into our church through the coming years.  Two families at FBC are very close to being blessed with a new child.  Please be praying for these two families: Zach & Kellie Snyder and Ryan & Shanna Johann.  

Kellie was admitted last night and may or may not be staying another night but will for sure be going into the hospital tomorrow (Monday) night to be induced for delivery Tuesday morning at the latest.   Please be praying for Kellie and their new baby over the next couple days.  There is also a meal train set up for the Snyder family, thanks to their dear friend Kayla Heil.  Here’s the link for their meal train if you’re interested in helping out click here.

Shanna is close to 31 weeks pregnant and has recently been diagnosed with cholestasis which can be dangerous to the baby.  She is also going to be admitted to a hospital this afternoon to be further tested and possibly treated for this condition. Please pray for baby Allen’s safety and also that he would grow as the doctor has been worried about his growth so far.

Thank you SO much for your prayers.  I know these families appreciate them as well!