Upcoming Events: After-Church Picnic July 29th and Family Olympics August 12th

One of our four core components of Family Bible Church is so important to us that it’s even in the name of our church.  Can you guess what it is?  That’s right, FAMILY!  So we would like to get together AS FAMILIES (weather permitting) on Sunday, July 29th at 11 am at the 4H playground.  Bring your own sack lunch & drinks!  We’ll provide water balloons for the kiddos & feel free to bring your own water toys as well!  We look forward to good fellowship & fun!

Each of you has been chosen to represent your family in the 1st Olympiad of the Family Olympics. This is the perfect opportunity to give free expression to the competitive spirit you have repeatedly shown in traffic, grocery store lines, and getting cookies after church.  Your quasi-athleticism, speed, skill and willingness to laugh at others make you an excellent candidate for international competition in such acclaimed events as the bat-spin relay, water balloon toss, three-legged race and blindfolded steeplechase.  We challenge you to an afternoon of exciting twists and turns at the Grimms’ abode on 14241 Petersburg Rd. 47725 on Sunday, August 12th @ 3pm!!!  Families will sign up for various events and work together towards the goal of the GOLD!  Or well, at least a good pat on the back 🙂  Come join us!!! 

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