Worship Service Time Change (this Sunday only)!

Dear Family Bible Church,

This Sunday, May 13 (Mother’s Day), we will be holding our worship service at 8:30 rather than our usual 9 AM in order to accommodate a Mother’s Day lunch buffet that Cambridge is holding. The Cambridge staff needs a bit more time to reset the banquet room for this event following our service and agreed to allow us to meet at Cambridge if we could meet a half hour earlier. I think it is a small price to pay for the privilege of meeting for worship in such a beautiful place.

There are a few other implications and opportunities this lunch buffet will provide us. First, I offered our service to the Cambridge staff by helping them reset the room for the Mother’s Day buffet. This will not require great effort on our part–just resetting the tables as usual with 8 chairs around each table, alternating “arm” chairs with “no arm” chairs. Also, we will need to spread white table cloths on each table. In order to expedite this process, I would like to encourage our children, who are accustomed to playing in the banquet room and the adjoining overflow space while we adults chat after the service, to move outside (weather permitting) to play in the grassy area just east of the drive. I think they would enjoy their play more there anyway. It would be helpful if a few parents could help facilitate this.

Second, during the worship service, our illustrious chef Beverly, who makes our delicious cookies every Sunday, will be setting up the buffet in the adjoining “cry room” (for lack of a better name). It will still be available to us and Beverly will set the tables against the far wall to give us a bit more room, but parents and volunteers will need to be especially watchful in there this Sunday to ensure our kids’ safety and that the buffet tables are undisturbed.

Third, I would like to encourage our families to consider patronizing Cambridge for this Mother’s Day buffet. If you have never stayed for lunch at Cambridge after our services, or eaten there at other times, let me officially invite you to do so this Sunday. Our family has dined at Cambridge on a few occasions and always enjoyed it.

I realize the earlier time slot may inconvenience some of you but please remember that we are guests at Cambridge. The Cambridge staff graciously allows us to use their facility free of charge with the understanding that they will occassionally host special events that may temporarily displace our worship service. We have been fortunate to secure other facilities for our worship service when Cambridge has been unavailable. This will be the case once again on May 27 when we will hold our baptism service, potluck and member’s meeting at Kingmen’s Event Facility.

I will look forward to seeing this Sunday at 8:30.

Pastor Colin Kerr