Membership “Signing Day” Feb. 12

Dear Family,

This past Wednesday was “signing day” for graduating high school student athletes in many NCAA sports. Signing day is the first day that athletes can sign a letter of intent to play for an NCAA university. Once an athlete has signed a letter of intent to compete for the college of their choice, all other colleges and universities must stop recruiting them. Though some athletes wait until long after signing day to commit, signing day continues to attract a great deal of sports media attention.

On Sunday, February 12 Family Bible Church will have its first “signing day” as well! We will be receiving our first group of members as we sign our membership covenants together. Of course, there will be many other opportunities to join FBC in membership, but Feb. 12 will be special because those who covenant together that day will always be our first members.

As I mentioned during our teaching series, “Membership Matters,” the requirements for membership at FBC include: 1) confession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, 2) baptism since coming to faith in Christ. Also, 3) signing a Membership Covenant signifies that you are in agreement with our Statement of Doctrine, willing to abide by our By-Laws, and partner with others at FBC according to the provisions of the Membership Covenant.

If you would like to examine our Membership Covenant, Statement of Doctrine and By-Laws they are available here, though they will still be in draft form until adopted by our first members. We would be glad to answer any questions you might have about these documents or about anything else related to membership.

If you are interested in joining Family Bible Church as a member and have not yet declared your interest through other means, please let us know through our contact us page and include your interest in the message box. Someone from our leadership team will meet with you before Feb. 12 and address any questions you may have.

On signing day, those entering into membership will recite the covenant together and then sign a copy for the church and another copy for you to keep as a family.

I hope you will join us on the 12th. If you are not ready to commit to membership, I understand, I love you anyway, and you will always be welcome at Family Bible Church. However, I do not hesitate in asking for your commitment, your voice and even your vote in our governance as a church. Your participation matters to our family.

Besides, I called ESPN and invited them to cover our signing day. They said they would check their schedule and get back with me.

Colin Kerr