Memory Verse Challenge

Dear FBC Parents,

This week, FBC will be launching a Memory Verse Challenge for our kids.  Each week, there will be a new verse that is relevant to the message.  Kids can pick up a Challenge sheet at church or they can check the FBC website for current verses.  After the service each week, there will be designated verse listeners in the side room who will be available to hear kids recite their passage.  To track their progress, there will be a color lanyard system reminiscent of color belts in martial arts.  (Think Bible black belt.)  Kids will start with a white lanyard and work their way up to black.  For each verse they memorize they will receive a button for their lanyard and after earning ten buttons they can move up to the next level.  Kids can do more than one verse a week or can take as long as they need to memorize a passage.  Contact me with any questions and look for the Challenge sheet this Sunday!

Jane Patterson