Dads and Kids Camping Trip

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Fathers and sons and/or daughters of appropriate age (probably 5+ years of age)


Mogan Trail (northeast of Tell City, IN area).  Scroll to the bottom to see a map.


October 7, 8, 9 (EVSC is out on the 7th)


The entire weekend will consist of 2 day hikes (Friday & Saturday) and 2 nights of camping. The trail has convienient parking lots near our stops each day. This will allow for people to come and go at different times during the weekend. There will be 4 opportunities to come and join the fun. Friday Morning, Friday Evening, Saturday Morning, Saturday Evening.


Friday Morning:

We will meet at the far west parking lot of the trail near Old State Rd 37 off Morgan Rd. We will shuttle some cars and leave most of the heavy gear at our destination point near the Mogan Ridge West parking lot. This will allow for a pack free or light pack hike. We will hike approx 3.7 miles through the center of the trail until we reach Mogan Ridge West. This is a pretty good distance for the kids, we will take plenty of breaks.

Friday Evening:

We will setup camp near the Mogan Ridge west parking lot near Ultimate Rd. For those coming after work on Friday, this will be the meet-point.

Saturday Morning:

This will be another good time for folks to join up with us before we start the 2nd day hike. Prior to beginning we will again shuttle cars to the next destination. We will be hiking from Mogan Ridge West and head towards the far east parking lot near Mano Point. This will be approx 3 miles depending on if we take the north or south trail.

Saturday Evening:

We will setup camp near the parking lot at Mano Point. This is another perfect time for anyone wanting to come and camp for the night to join us. At this time we can also shuttle people back to pick-up cars and bring them to Mano Point parking lot so people can leave as they please Sunday morning.

Sunday Morning:

We will tear down and begin heading home.

What to bring:

Tent, sleeping bags, warm clothes, flash lights, chairs. Each family will need to pack their own food, although most will probably share. There will be free fire provided to cook hot dogs, smores or whatever else you can hold over a fire on a stick. We’d suggest coolers w/ ice, drinks, etc.. The nearest gas stations are 5-10 miles away.


Friday Morning:

Exit Hwy 37 onto Hwy 70. Immediately turn left onto Old State Rd 37. Drive around 1 mile, take a right on Morgan Rd. (there will be a sign on the left pointing towards Mogan Ridge Trail and an IU mail box)

Friday Evening / Saturday Morning:

Exit Hwy 37 onto Hwy 70. Drive around 3.5  miles. Take a left onto Ultimate Rd. (not well marked, easy to miss)
Saturday Evening: Exit Hwy 37 onto Hwy 70. Take Hwy 70 and then left onto Hwy 66. Drive around 1 mile and then left onto Utopia Rd.
A special thanks to Rodney Heil for preparing this communication.

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